Hi everybody, this here is Maddieroo! I’m a squirfoxaroo, but the Nice Lady thinks I’m a dog. She is very good to me so I let her think that she owns me but we know the truth! I live in Rooville with my family and neighbors, but live part time with the Nice Lady in her funny house.

When I was born, something happened that made me wobbly, but I can do anything I want! Sometimes I fall down but that’s ok I get right back up. The Nice Lady thinks I have a disability. Silly woman.

Anyways, I like to play and dance and sing with my friends. But sometimes I like to sit in my little house and read and just be quiet. Sometimes I have little adventures with my friends.

Next time I’ll tell you the story of my friend Benson and how we met! Here is his picture. See ya later!

Benson T. Hedge