Maddieroo may very well be the cutest animal on the planet, but what is she exactly? Is she a dog? Or a woodland creature called a squirfoxaroo?

Squirfoxaroos look something like a dog, a bit like a fox, have a tail like a squirrel’s and hop kind of like a rabbit. They live inside and around the roots of trees. They bark with a “roo roo” sound. They have three eyebrows, two that stick out to the sides, and one in the middle of their foreheads that sticks straight up. Their ears are large for their faces, and sometimes, when they are thinking really, really hard, the ears grow even bigger! These happy creatures survive by hunting small rodents, gathering berries, and harvesting acorns and nuts. They live in little groups called Roovilles. They live a simple and happy life inside of their little world.

Maddieroo has two homes, one is Rooville, which is hidden in the middle of  City Forest Park, where her squirfoxaroo family lives and her home in City Forest the town, where she lives with the Nice Lady and Zuzu the Cat

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