Maddieroo is a very special dog (or possibly a woodland creature called a squirfoxaroo) who was adopted by the Nice Lady through the great people at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.  No one knew anything about Maddieroo when she was saved on New Year’s day 2007.  They didn’t know for sure how old she was or who she lived with before they found her, but they did know she was very special.  Not just because she has a birth defect called cerebellar hypoplasia which makes her wobbly and fall down, but because she was so cute and happy that she makes everyone who sees her smile. Not only is she full of joy and likes to help others, she is also funny and smart. We hope you can help animals in need, just like Maddieroo, through any of the links to animal rescue organizations in our Animals in Need section. As the Nice Lady asks, “Who rescued who?”

Maddieroo is probably a Corgi-Cairn Terrier mix. She has short legs and large pointy ears like a Corgi and a Cairn Terrier coat. That means she has a double coat of fur, a soft fluffy under coat and a wiry coarse over coat.  She is equal parts corgi and terrier.  Corgis are herders, bred to herd cows.  That means they like to tell everyone where to go.  You have to be very bossy and confidant to herd cows if you are not very big.  Cairn Terriers are bred to hunt rodents, and Maddieroo is no exception.  If any squirrel, chipmunk, mouse or rat comes into her yard she knows all about it!  She has been known to sit under a tree for hours waiting for a squirrel to come back down.  So far no squirrel has returned!

Maddieroo was born with a birth defect called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). This is more common in cats than dogs. An infection, poisoning or injury can cause the babies in the mother’s womb injury to the cerebellum.  The cerebellum is part of the brain that controls movement and balance.  Some dogs and cats with CH have very mild cases of CH, but some have more severe cases and they can barely walk.  Unless it is so severe the animal cannot function at all, CH animals can live a long and happy life with minor adjustments to the household.  For example Maddieroo has trouble going up and down stairs, [Hey! I do not I am just a bit wobbly!] so we live in a house with few steps. She is monitored closely when she goes up or down these steps [really, I can do it my self I am intrepid!]. Dogs and cats with CH are not in pain and they make wonderful pets. [We do I am the best! and I can do anything!]

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