Welcome to Maddieroo.com, a world where dogs can also be magical woodland creatures called squirfoxaroos, where sometimes a tree is also the home away from home for a little animal, and sometimes a place where animals can find a forever home. Here you can enter the world of City Forest, where squirfoxaroos live hidden away in the woods in their own little place called RoovilleIt is a story about getting lost and found, finding new friends and learning about what makes a family.  Also you can learn about dogs, squirfoxaroos, other interesting creatures and about helping your family, friends and neighbors. Come on, enter the World of Maddieroo!

Happy to Ya!


Visit the shop page for all of your Rooville needs!

*Don’t forget, anything you buy from the Roo Cottage Shop will help support homeless animals saved by the great people at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue! Adopt don’t shop!

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