Here is another new chapter from “Maddieroo Lost and Found: Rooville.”

Squirrel McNutt says, "chutt, chutt, chutt!"

Squirrel McNutt says, “chutt, chutt, chutt!”

At the same time that Claire and Rose were discussing the missing dog, the whole village of Rooville was looking for Maddieroo.

Mommy-roo and Daddy-roo spent a sleepless night looking for Maddieroo. When she hadn’t come back for supper they knew something was really wrong. Squirfoxaeoos never miss a meal! They asked everyone in Rooville from Grammy-roo who runs the tea shop bakery to Professor-roo and his daughters Bitsy and Istsy-roo who live at the far end of Rooville next to the library. It was a mystery, where could she have gone? Maddieroo’s best friend Sammyroo had seen her go off to chase Squirrel McNut, but why didn’t she come back, he wondered. She always came back. Sammyroo had a little trouble chasing squirrels because his hind legs were in a wheeled cart to help him walk. Fixit-roo had built them for him when he was a baby and every now and then when Sammyroo grew, Fixit-roo built him a new one. Not only did they get bigger each time, but they got better. Fixit-roo loved tinkering with things. His whole workshop was full of projects for wheel carts, communicators, water pumps, levers and parts, not to mention all of the contraptions he made to help catch chipmunks, fish and mice. When Maddieroo went off after Squirrel McNut, Sammyroo was in Fixit-roo’s workshop getting some better wheels put on his cart, but he heard Maddieroo yell, “I’m coming to get you Squirrel McNut!”

Sammyroo was very concerned the next day when he realized Maddieroo was not back yet. He told everyone about her chasing McNut but he was nowhere to be found either. They all gathered in the Town hall (which was also the main living room for the multi-family house). After some discussion, they decided to split up and look for Maddieroo in other parts of the forest. Mommyroo was going to take Itsyroo and Bitsyroo to talk to the McNut clan of squirrels. Dadyroo and Fixit-roo were going to try and find the foxes that lived near the river. Grammyroo and Sammyroo were going to stay home in case she came home. But right as they were all preparing to leave a vey disheveled McNut came crashing through the trees, shouting, “Chutt chutt chutt!, where are you Maddieroo!”

“Accch!!, I ken she is no here!. What happened to ya Maddieroo.” And then Squirrel McNut put his head in his paws and cried! He sniffed back his tears and then said, ‘Acch Rooville family, I led her on a merry chase, but in the end it wasn’t so merry! I think she ended up in the hands of some human!” Everyone gasped! “A human, McNut, oh no!” Mommyroo gasped. All the squirfoxaroos started to talk at once and a few of them cried a little bit but then Grammyroo said, “Now, now everyone. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet. Maddieroo is a smart girl and she knows how to handle herself. Even if she is with some human somewhere not all of them are bad you know.” Yes, they agreed Maddieroo was smart and not all humans were bad. Grammyroo continued, “Now is not the time to panic or give up in despair. You know what Maddieroo would say, she would encourage us to sit down and think first and try to work out our problem.” So everyone stopped for a moment and thought. Grammyroo spoke up again. Just then a bang and poof of smoke came out from Grammyroo’s tearoom and bakery. “My word what was that?” she cried. They heard a little raspy voice say, ”Sorry all, I just heard about Maddieroo. I got too excitaled,” said Red, the dragon that fueled Grammyroo’s ovens. Bang, poof, another puff of smoke appeared in the air near Grammyroo. “Hiccups, sorry” Red said again. “That’s alright Red, we are all a bit upset. Now where was I?” she asked. “Now we know she as chasing McNut, where were you when you last saw her McNut.”

“Aye, I was just near the road over to the west, I could see it from the trees, but I’m not sure Maddieroo could ken how close to the street she was. It was raining you, not easy to see. The poor wee thing!”

Popcorn, one of the cats that lived in Rooville spoke up. “There are some humans not far from here, near that road McNut spoke of. They seem to collect cats there. Perhaps she went there, she does love us cats so much.” She purred.

“Good idea Popcorn,”Mommyroo said. I wonder how we can get there, it is across the street afterall.”


“I can do it,”Squirrel McNut shouted.,”I can jump from tree to tree above the road and find the place with the animals. Surely Popcorn can tell me where it is and I can go see if Maddieroo is there! “It is across the road, not far from the place where all of the human children go to school. You must know it! They make quite a noise! And you will be able t smell the scent of cats and dogs. You can smell things can you not Squirrel?” Of course I can smell the scent of cats and dogs, and squirfoxaroos! I believe I know the place there are some lovely large pine trees over there!” And off he went jumping from tree to tree, off in the distance they heard him cry, “Chutt chutt chutt.”

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