Part Two: “Found”

This is how Maddieroo ended up at the animal rescue place in City Forest.

On a rainy late summer day Maddieroo was doing one of her favorite things, chasing squirrels. No squirfoxaroo had caught a squirrel in a long time. In fact they had stories about how tasty squirrel sandwiches were, but the truth was that no one in Rooville had had a squirrel sandwich in several generations! But Maddieroo loved a challenge, and that day she felt that she was going to catch a squirrel no matter what! Her favorite squirrel to chase was Squirrel McNutt, the head of the McNutt clan of squirrels. That day he ran far away and toward a dangerous spot, close to a road where cars drove near the woods. Sometimes Maddieroo would be so focused on what she was doing that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was. The air was so fresh and clean smelling after the morning rain, that Maddieroo kept running and hopping after the McNutt, enjoying the coolness of the drizzle after a hot summer. To be honest Maddieroo, was distracted by sounds and smells in the forest and only sometimes looked up to see where the McNutt was as he jumped from tree to tree, high above the path. It started to rain even harder and then Maddieroo, thinking the McNutt was just in front of her, kept running until a few minutes later the rain came pouring down and she couldn’t see or hear McNutt at all! She couldn’t even smell him! In fact she didn’t even know which way was back toward home or where she was. She was beginning to get worried, but kept walking and then she thought she heard something and ran through a bush. But, oh no, she had run right onto a road with water splashing everywhere and she was almost run over by a car. Maddieroo stopped suddenly shaking with fright, and looked around to see where she was. A large scary looking metal thing, a car, stopped right in front of her. The motor made loud sounds and strange smells. A door opened and a woman got out of the car. At first Maddieroo was afraid but after she heard the lady’s kind voice, Maddieroo stopped shaking and let the lady wrap her in a dry towel and take her in the car.

Maddieroo was still a bit disoriented by her recent experience. After she came to the adoption center, called the Pet Place, she was cleaned up (not her favorite thing), fed (one of her favorite things) and put in a crate (not even close to a favorite thing). For a woodland creature like Maddiroo being in a cage, for that is what the crate was, made her very nervous. She could not see the sky or smell fresh air. She was missing her family and friends and she was very, very sorry that she ran off into the woods after Squirrel McNutt. But she tried not to dwell on the negative things and tried to see if she could somehow get out of this place and back home to Rooville. She was even beginning to miss McNutt, that is how homesick she was.

Another day passed and then she heard a very kind voice that was familiar. It was that nice lady who had picked her up in the rain, saving her from getting hit by the cars driving past. Maddieroo could see her now and the other lady who worked at the Pet Place came over and let her out of the cage! The Pet Place lady said, “I’m sure she wasn’t anyone’s pet, she doesn’t have a chip and no one is looking for her at any of the shelters or groups. It’s hard to believe no one is looking for her. You can adopt her if you want.” The Nice Lady clapped her hands together and let out a cry,”I am so happy, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her for the last couple of days. I even had a dream about her.”

The Nice Lady picked her up and gave her a kiss on the top of her head and they looked into each other’s eyes. “This is someone who I could love and care for my whole life.” They both said to themselves. The moment the Nice Lady put on a lovely red collar and leash and led Maddieroo out of the shop to her car Maddieroo knew that she was going to be safe.